9 Quick Tips to Master Dining Out

  1. Volunteer to pick the restaurant – or bring a dish to the event – manipulate the environment to adhere to your plan.
  1. Early in the day find out what is to be on the menu Select exactly what you’re going to have before exposing yourself to the delicious spread at the event.
  1. Eat something on your regular diet program right before walking out the door. For convenience, a protein shake works great.  Consuming a protein and fiber supplement will help curb appetite to avoid bad decisions.
  1. Just say NO to the BREAD. When munching on these table starters, it’s too easy to overconsume unconsciously.  Stuffing your face with these starters is a surefire way to overconsume despite selecting a healthy main course.
  1. Appetizer OR Entrée, not both. These days in the United States, most appetizers contain far more calories than is thought to comprise a standard meal.  If you have effectively executed number three an appetizer will certainly suffice.   Simply ask the waitress to bring it out with the main entrees.
  1. Keep it LEAN & GREEN. Order high protein option – along with something green.  This will ensure you are emphasizing protein and fibrous vegetables on your plate, both of which will help with satiation.
  1. No need to measure, just use your hands. Fortunately, we can use anatomical features as guides for each macronutrient.  Stay within these and you are golden:

Protein: size of your palm

Carbs: an amount that could fit in your palm – though feel free to eat as many green vegetables as you like.

Fat: amount of fat heavy foods should be able to fit in ½ of your cupped palm. This typically equates to two tablespoons.

Note: by adhering to these parameters you will likely have to leave a portion of your food uneaten. I know how challenging this can be.  Hence why I encourage you to treat appetizers as entrees, or simply take leftovers home with you to eat later according to the same guidelines.

  1. Forget the OIL. request your food be prepared with no oil or butter. Believe it or not these hidden calories can add up to a lot.  Never assume a restaurant does not use these flavor enhancers to either cook or marinade their food.
  1. When drinking alcohol, follow these rules:

Drink 3 glasses of water first: good opportunity to stay hydrated and leverage one of our pillars described earlier to fill up.

Stick to clear liquids: vodka, gin, white wine, etc.

Keep it basic: alcohol already contains 7 calories per gram so don’t add to it by drinking empty calories from cocktail mixers.

Useful alternative mixers: water, soda water, sparkling water, zero calorie juices, etc.

It is always more impressive to be the one eating healthy amidst a table of gluttonous indulgences than blindly conforming with the pack.

Don’t surrender to bad influences, embody the positive change you would like to see in others.


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